redefing architecture

We are a accredited Architectural Professionals and experts in container architecture and modifications. We pride ourselves in our commitment to client satisfaction, to quality and to
  • Often our client's have old or no approved Builidng Plans. We advise our clients to avoid getting fines when they have contravened local and statutory laws.

  • On new projects we start by establishing your scope and giving you a quote. Where we then prepare an initial design and advise you, our client. We then provide you with a Concept Rendering (If requested). Amongst other things, we establish the technical & functional characteristics of the design concept and check conformity of the concept and land use rights. We also review the anticipated cost and pogramme of the project.

  • We confirm the Scope and complexity. We then review the design and consult with local and statutory authorities.We incorporate and co-ordinate all services and the work of consultants. We review the design, costing and programme with the consultants.

  • We prepare documentation for local authority submission. Co-ordinate technical documentation with consultants and complete primary co-ordination. We review the costing and programme with the consultants. There are many more steps but this will give you a good idea of the work flow when you employ us.

Paulo De Oliveira

Founder and Professional Architectural Technologist

Wesley Nagel

Candidate Architectural Draughtsman & Business Development